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Re: Battling BGA

> Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 16:00:11 -0500
> From: Lobos <lobos0331 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: re:Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #445
> I found that after I fixed the nutrient imbalance and poor circulation
> in my tank the BGA still did not go away, it only stopped its growth.
> The plants at this time were growing well and the new shoots did not
> contain BGA on them.  I had to treat the tank with erythromycin to give
> the plants an edge while killing off the BGA.  This finally resulted in
> the complete disappearance of BGA.  After this I did 2X, 50% water
> changes to remove the dead BGA from the water column and the
> antibiotic.  This was 1 month ago and I have not seen any BGA since.
> A word on antibiotic resistance, if you treat your tank with the
> recommended dose for the full treatment period then the chances of
> bacterial antibiotic resistance is extremely low.  If you treat the tank
> with half the recommended dose or do not continue the treatment to the
> end of the recommended treatment time, then antibiotic resistance may
> ensue.  The reason is that in the second case you have a lower
> concentration of antibiotic in the tank and this can act to drive the
> occurrence of  antibiotically resistant mutant bacteria.
> Lobos
> ------------------------------

So, if I understand this correctly, all of your tank parameters can be perfect but the BGA can
still be present because the cyanobacteria has not been killed off, just put in check?  That
makes sense to me.  I guess I'm just squeemish about using maracyn because I don't want to damage
my biofiltration.  I also have discus and worry about them being sensitive to the treatment as
well.  I am using Siporax ceramic rings for bio media and I'm thinking I could remove them to an
areated container while I treat the tank, then put them back after a couple large water changes,
once the BGA is gone of course.  What do you think?  Should work, right?
.......and the battle rages on.
Pat O'Sullivan