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  Some of the software listed below may be freely used, some is shareware, and some are demo versions of commercial products. Please read the documentation and licensing enclosed with each package.

For Macintosh
Maquarium includes the ability to quickly track chemicals levels, schedule tasks, keep notes, and manage inventory for multiple aquariums in an easy to use application. It also features a database which allows users to find the necessary information about their fish to insure they are happy & healthy in a delicate aquatic environment. Maquarium is designed for both novice and the advanced aquarium hobbyist and features many functions which cater to users of all levels.
Maquarium 1.1 demo for Mac OS X (364 Kb).
For The Web

TankKeeper is a new and growing system for maintaining your aquarium and getting help from our staff of mentors. It is more than just an aquarium maintenance journal; it is designed to allow our support staff to pull up your account and view the history and contents of your aquarium so that we give you answers that are customized to your needs.
For Windows

Aqualog is a free Windows 98 application that can be used to monitor and log any number of marine, reef, or freshwater aquariums. Please download from the AquaLog website.
For the freshwater aquarium, this is an aquarium log and has a fish and plant atlas illustrated with more than 600 pictures.
State-of-the-art aquarium maintenance software. Please visit to download the software.
Enjoy the sights and sounds of an aquarium with this OpenGL 3D screensaver! Watch as fish swim among swaying plants, rocks, coral, and bubbles. Customize AquaScape 3D to your heart's desire with over 30 creatures and fish plus configurable gravel, water, landscaping, lighting, and more. Watch from rectangular, circular, and cave views complete with waves. Supports OpenGL for dazzling special effects. AquaScape 3D is also expandable! For Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP.
Download free demo, 5.1 Meg
This collection has been taken offline. If you know how to contact the author, please let us know.
Dr Dan's Fish & Game Predictions
This package for DOS & Windows is intended to provide hints for fishing. However, it could also be useful to aquarists looking for information on tides, lunar phases, and seasonal changes. See the web site for more information.
Fishtank v2.1
This simple application allows you to perform some "what-if" calculations about that new aquarium you've been wanting. This is $15 shareware. 2.1 for Windows 95/NT (1.6Mb), 16-bit 1.1a for Windows 3.1 (98Kb).
This is a demo version of a computerized records keeping and automated health monitoring system for your pond and fish. It is available for Windows or Macintosh, though the demo here is for Windows only.
Download PONDKEEP.EXE, 1 Meg
ReefCon 2000
ReefCon is a full featured aquarium maintainence, logging, control, and reference software package. It supports an unlimited number of tanks. Users can schedule reminders to do normal maintainence such as water changes, dosing etc. Completed tasks are automatically stored in a maintenance log which can be search so you can easily check when you last performed a specific task. Quickly view charts and reports about your water quality for each tank. As well as livestock, maintenance, and expenses. Track Livestock purchases, Losses, Growth, etc. Keep an eye on expenses for each Tank (don't let your spouse see this). The Reference system contains an ever expanding visual list of fish, corals, and inverts which can be browsed, and searched by common and latin names. This Database is also updatable via our website. Users can control devices such as lights, dosers, etc through an X-10 interface. You can turn on and off devices at specific times. Best of all this program is and will always be 100% freeware!
ReefCon 2000 for Windows 95/98/NT (5 Mb).
ReefTool is designed to help reef keepers keep track of their tanks. ReefTool can schedule events, log changes to your tank along with pictures, monitor the ReefKeeper II and chart the progress of various tank parameters. Download ReefTool 1.50
Tankminder for Windows
This package for Windows will help you keep track of several fish tanks and offer advice about what you can add to your tanks and how to solve problems.
Download Tankminder 98 version 2.0.3, 5.4 Meg

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