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Re: NFC: Fish Kill in Indiana

Not necessarilly a fish tale.  In some circumstance the benthic species
are much more vulnerable than the pelagic ones.  This might be the case


On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, robert a rice wrote:

> You got me ! Typically the rough fish are the last to go so if it nuked
> the Carp you can bet it got everything else also...My guess is they are
> spinning the story to divert public attention...It would be "bad" in the
> publics eye to kill off Bass but OK to Nuke the rough fish....Sounds like
> they are telling a fish tale...:)
> On Wed, 22 Dec 1999 17:36:29 -0500 "Jeremy Carroll" <eagle at on-net_net>
> writes:
> > A fish kill has happened in indiana in the white river close to 
> > noblesville.
> > They said it was caused by a water treatment facility that leaked 
> > high
> > levels of amonia into the water. They said that fish such as
> > catfish,carp,etc were mostly the ones that were kiled. Normally 
> > these fish
> > are hard to kill but the ones that are easy to kill such as
> > bass,bluegill,etc didnt die. How is this?
> > 
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