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Re: NFC: Re kribs...

There are several closely related forms from western africa, with some of the
more spectacular ones belonging to the taeniatus group.  Like many of our
native fish, it seems each drainage has its own color form Pelvicachromis
roloffi from Guinea I think is the drabest of the bunch and Pelvicachromis
humilis is the largest.   The two following urls usually have some available

Should that fail, I do believe Friedrich Bitter would dearly love to trade
some of the Pelvicachromis species for some signipinnis or hypselopterus with

robert a rice wrote:

> Ray,
> Need is not the proper term :) My 8 year old daughter is taking her first
> steprs to aquarium keeping and has bred the usual live bearers. SO I
> wanted to have her breed a commercially viable fish...so she could earn
> some spending money while doing the fish thing.Spending money for my girl
> erin is 20$ or so a year. Anyhow kribs seemed a nice choice with the soft
> acid water requirments nad high reproductive rate.My first contact has
> some but they will not be avaliable till after the new year ...so i wait
> :(
> ( since this is a new trade partner who knows how long we wait :) )...it
> looks promising but I'd be happy to keep other sources in mind in case
> this one is a flop.
> Let me know if you are dying to get rid of some. I do NOT want to put
> anyone out ,or cause  hassles just because my local fish store is lacking
> in an excellent home species. BTW arent there some new krib species out
> there ?Somw body want to fill me in on the latest on this soft water
> loving African ...
>  Kinda like our native fish probs here , folks only know the glory fish!!
> Robert Rice
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