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NFC: Re:Colecting trip now: collecting during drought conditions

In a message dated 11/29/99 9:36:20 AM US Central Standard Time, 
CDowns at bridge_com writes:

<< I returned from my collecting trip on the upper Black River and it was
 somewhat disappointing.  But perhaps it was because my hopes were too high.
 A *prolonged* dry spell led me to expect isolated pools crammed with fish (I
 love to go fishing during droughts since it makes the fish finding chore so
 much easier.) >>

On Thanksgiving Day, I took my minnow traps down to my Mom's property 
(southeastern Indiana) to see if anything interesting was in Plum Creek which 
runs through her property.  While parts of it dry up entirely, the fish 
normally accumulate in the pools that never seem to dry up.  

This time, there was nothing there that I could observe.  While a few could 
be hiding in what few tree roots and leaf litter was there, I decided I did 
not want to remove or even stress out what might be left.  The creek normally 
has thousands of common minnows in it.  Occasionally, Great Blue Herons are 
seen at the stream, so I suppose they might have wiped out the population.  

Any thoughts or comments on what happens to the fish population during 
unusually dry conditions?

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA