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NFC: Fw A letter to reach your local school

This excellent letter was sent to all the email addresses of a local
school. Please feel free to repeat his efforts with a few changes to the
letter of course. 

Robert Rice
All Men are equal until the point of exertion


This email is aimed primarily at Biology teachers.  I am sorry, but the
OHS web page didn't specify anything beyond "science" as your
specialty.  If you are not a biology/ecology teacher, this probably
won't be of much interest to you and I apologize.

My name is XXXXX.  I live here in Hillsborough with my wife
Clare.  I've always been a bit of an aquarium nut and wanted to write to
you and let you know I may be able to help you.  When I was in high
school (class of 1992, Strath Haven HS in Wallingford, PA) I had an
independent study science class every day during which time I would
maintain an aquarium for the school and periodically come in and speak
to classes about things cogent to my project.  Actually having a tank
there for the students to see and ask questions about really sparked a
lot of interest in marine biology that isn't always easy to achieve when
using text books.  In my case, I was an "F" student that did a complete
180 when a special science teacher found something that interested me
and let me run with it.  Maybe you have a student that could use a
similar change.

I am a member of the Native Fish Conservancy, an organization dedicated
to conservation of North American native fishes.  We are an active
organization, and our means towards conservation take many forms such as
captive breeding programs, exotic species removal, and educational

One program we offer which I think may be of interest to you is our
"Adopt A Tank Program" in which an NFC member adopts a school or
classroom, and the school or classroom adopts an aquarium.  A group of
interested students meets over a weekend with the NFC member and
teacher, and actually collects fishes in the local waterways to stock
the tank with.  Orange County is noted for its diversity of aquatic

If you've ever wanted to incorporate a local flavor to your biology
studies, and a chance to get the students into local conservation
activities "hands-on", I'd like to help.  I'd suggest checking out
http://nativefish.org to see what the NFC is all about.  Of particular
interest, check out the "Kids" section and the "Adopt-A-Tank" section.

If there is enough interest between students and educators in the area,
I'd love to start an Orange County chapter of the NFC which would be
more active in local conservation efforts in the Eno River, and taking a
more active part in local politics to understand how proposed and
existing laws will impact the life in our local waterways.

I'm looking forward to hearing back from any of you.  You may also reach
me at work during the day via my email address there, XXXXX

Best regards,