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NFC: Administrative /Request/

Hey Everyone.

This may be a bit hypocritical, but I'd like to pass this message out
anyhow to all the lists.  

I believe a few people are posting to newsgroups with the e-mail addresses
to the mailing lists.... Just as a request, I'd like whichever peopel are
doing it to, well, stop.  In place of saying, for example,
"NFC at actwin_com," reffer people to the web page about the mailing lists
(or, better yet, just to nativefish.org)  

THe reason for this is quite simple....  Today, my message count for any
one hour period hit a peak of about fourty messages.  They break down to
the following:
4 messages to the lists.
8 messages bounced to the lists (one user unk., one over quota, in case
you wanted to know.)
3 subscrption notices (one person :)
10 personal messages

The remainder were -=SPAM=- messages.  This is about fourty five percent
of my mail.  Most of these were addressed to "Friends at blah_com" or some
such.  A few were the NonMember Submission types (be thankful thelist is
set up to block non-member posts!  No one would subscribe now adays if
not!)  However, as I don't post to UseNet, theres only a very few ways
that my mailing address can be given out... (Amongst them, membership on
Ebay, Amazon.Com, Geocities, trolling our web pages, and so forth.) the
vast majority are likely sent to owner-list.  

So, just as a courtesy, I would appreciate it if we could stop posting the
e-mail list addresses to the newsnets.  It'll let me get to more important
hassels,such as removin dead addies, beating people with pain sticks when
they act ... like they need it, and so forth. :)

Joshua L. Wiegert                                  AIM UID: Etheosoma
NFC List Administrator                             Wiegerj at paulsmiths_edu  
www.geocities.com/RainForest/Jungle/1680/          owner-nfc at actwin_com
  pujwI' HIvlu'chugh quvbe'lu'                        reH 'eb tu'lu'
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