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NFC: Fw: BSE Price Up "Again"


Robert Rice
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Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 00:08:04 -0700
Subject: BSE Price Up "Again"
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Hi All,

As Lyndon Johnson once said - "I come to you with a heavy
heart."  Contacted my supplier of brine shrimp eggs in Salt Lake
City today, only to find that the asking price has gone up
again.  Good news is that the only thing left is Premium Grade
(supposedly better than 90% hatch grade "A". My supplier cut the
asking price by $6.00/pound and expects to be able to hold it for
a few months anyway).  No guarantees that prices will come down
again - ever!!  Seems that the little guys have been swallowed up
by a few big guys, and they're running the $$$$ show from now on.

Swallowed hard and ordered a case.  New price will be
$45.00/pound INCLUDING postage after Nov. 10, 1999. I'll continue
to buy for the AKA as long as they don't kill the golden goose!


Bob Schwiegerath
1700 Spring Street
Socorro, NM  87801

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