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NFC: Re: My Ponds

It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one to have problems from time to
time. <grin>
It reminds me of a problem I had in my classroom a few years ago.  Every
fish I had below about 3" disappeared slowly and one at a time.  Never say
the bodies, they just kept disappearing.  I suspected the larger fish, but
they were not particularly aggressive.
One day I was cleaning and when I removed the hood, a 2.5' "racer"jumped"
out and tried to take off .  The fluorescent fixture was full of snake crap.
Turns out that the biology teacher in the next room had lost the snake
months before -- but never thought to say anything about it.  Problem solved
with the snake, but I still would like to throttle my colleague.
R. Scott Page
Hanford High School
Science Department

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> For those of you keeping up with my new ponds , my efforts to breed fish
> in them and my battles with banded water snakes. Well tonight a 3-4 foot
> banded water snake strolled across the living room tile apparently the
> same one I caught a removed a few weeks ago. After striking at one of my
> children and makeing a general butt of himself I disposed of him with my
> Indonesian snake twist.
> So after losing 15 or so killies and 20 plus blackbanded sunfish
> hopefully this will end the why cant I keep fish in my ponds saga..
> Robert Rice
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