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NFC: OnLine Auction...

It has come to my attention that some of you may not have gotten the
Original Auction Posting so here it is again....  I will send an update on
High bids to the NFC List tonight before the Chat at 8            Thanks
Charles A.

It is once again time for the NFC Auction... This Auction, as I have said
before, will be to benefit the Breeder's Program.... This Auction will start
October 15th at 8 a.m. CST and will run until October 24th at Midnight CST.
As in the past, Credit Card payment is acceptable at the NFC Online Store at
www.nativefish.org  or contact Robert Rice by E-mail at
president at nativefish_org  ..... All other payments by check or Money Order
should be made payable to the NATIVE FISH CONSERVANCY, and sent to me at the
address posted below.... There is an $8.00 shipping fee on all items that
must be added to final winning bids.....
Please post your bid to the NFC E-Mail list.... To subscribe send  mail to
Majordomo at actwin_com with message subscribe nfc .... AND to me at
dakota at startext_com  ... I will notify all winning bidders by posting on the
E-Mail list on October 25th and payment MUST BE RECIEVED BY November 10th or
that Item will be made available at the next Auction........
Send all payments made payable to   NATIVE FISH CONSERVANCY    c/o
Charles Anderton
5905 Kimberly Kay Dr.
Fort Worth, Tx.  76133
                        ***********AUCTION ITEMS **************
                        **********ITEM # 1*********************
              This will be one of  two lots of fish in this auction.......
                     4-6  Least Killifish (H. formosa)
                     4-6  Sailfin Mollies (P. latipinna)
                     2-3  Tadpole Madtoms (N. gyrinus)
                            MINIMUM BID $15.00
                **********  ITEM # 2  ******************
                    75' Python Water/Gravel Cleaner
                            Used once Like New  Complete !
                            MINIMUM BID $25.00
                **********  ITEM #3  ********************
                    Hagen Corp. TRIO 3000 Power Filter
                       For Aquariums up to 35 Gallons
                            Really Neat and Brand New !!!
                                Suggested Retail $75.00
                              MINIMUM BID $30.00
                **********  ITEM #4 ********************
                    1 lb. Can of Sanders Brine Shrimp Eggs
                        These have a hatch rate of 90% plus
                               MINIMUM BID $20.00
                **********  ITEM #5  ********************
                        1  Rainbow Lifegard  FB 300
                                Fluidized Bed Filter
                            For systems Up to 300 Gallons
                                MINIMUM BID $30.00
                ********** ITEM # 6  *******************
                   This is the second and last lot of fish ...
                     4-6  Pumpkinseed Sunfish (L. gibbosus)
                     4-6  Dwarf Crayfish (C.shufeldtii)
                     4-6  Speckled Dace ( R. osculus)
                        THESE FISH COME OUT OF IDAHO
                        are not on any threatened or endangered
                                        species list !!!
                     2-3  Tadpole Madtoms (N. gyrinus)
                                MINIMUM BID $20.00
    Ok... That is the list of Items for this Auction.... Please Note: