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Re: NFC: Some interesting blue pike stuff

Is it possible that this pike is the same as that found in the UK? I did
summer school at Oxford in '98, and like any good fisherman would, brought a
rod 'n' reel and an assortment of tackle with me. I had to walk about 3
miles to the nearest bait store to enquire about liscenses and regulations.
Hanging on a wall in that store was a good sized pike with beautiful
coloration. The body had some serious blue highlights and orange-tinted
fins. A little sign beneath the fish stated it had been caught in the early
'90s in the Thames river, in Oxford, by somebody with the same last name as
mine (which I thought was cool in a fishing-geek kind of way).

BTW, to fish in England, you have to buy a license for the region you're in,
and then gain permission to fish from the angling club in charge of the
particular stretch of water you plan to fish. I never was able to find out
who controlled the waters in oxford.

Tony Gustafson
DeKalb, IL
The only problem with the gene pool is 
there is no lifeguard.

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