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Re: NFC: headers

What mail client are you using?  I used to subscribe from work and home
(two different mail systems) and the sender appears in the From header.

"Anderson, Ron" wrote:

> I have a quick question on how to change the way my headers read out when I
> get posts from this list.  As it is now, all that's in the "from" box, is
> "nfc".  Since not alot of people are signing their posts, I'm having a hell
> of a time figuring out who is writing them.  I checked the commands for the
> listserv, and can't find the one for headers, is there one?  On another
> note, I picked up a trio of Lucania goodei a few weeks ago. Very cool fish,
> nice blue in the dorsal, and red in the tail.  Ron


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