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NFC: Re: phytoplankton and rotifers

I'm a dyed in the wool DIY guy. My aquarium lids are reused windows with old
medicine bottle handles (you get the picture). I had about 150 gallons of
phyto (marine and fresh) in bubbling at all time until last winter under my
1000W metal halide lighting.  The amount of time, effort, and space you have
to dedicate to raise phytoplankton is not worth the trouble now that
http://www.brineshrimpdirect.com/ is marketing Inland Seafarm's Algae Paste
Products.  This product is a fantastic food or suppliment for daphnia, brine
shrimp, and some very small larval fish.  It's marine in origin, but works
fantastically with my freshwater critters as well.

R. Scott Page
Hanford High School
Science Department

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Subject: NFC: phytoplankton and rotifers

>         I was just wondering if anyone out there has any experience
> culturing phytoplankton and rotifers.  I am gearing up for both as the
> phytoplankton are great for gut loading not only rotifers but also
> daphnia.  I use the phytoplankton offered by brineshrimpdirect to feed
> my daphnia and ceriodaphnia now but I want to increase production so the
> commercial phytoplankton would be only used as a back up.