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Charles Anderton, Scott Page and Klaus Schoening are pleased to announce
the inaugural issue of he Breeders' Program Newsletter.  The intended
launch date is October 15 and will include information on the breeders
program as well as articles of interest to anyone keeping and
maintaining native fish and fish in general.  The intention is to have
the newsletter available in both HTML and Acrobat Reader format.  Look
for contests in the future months to be open to all members.

While all of you have been busy keeping fish we have been busy setting
goals look for future announcements as plans begin to firm up.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the newsletter ...articles should be
sent to sege7 at earthlink_net.

This is an exciting time for the Breeders' Program.  We are entering a
growth phase that will benefit the nfc, the fish and other breeders of
native fish.  Stay tuned !