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Re: NFC: Slightly Off-Topic

Segeberger wrote:
>  Hammers work wonders on scratches hehe 

Boo! If it holds water, use it. ;-)

> I have many scratched aquariums... I just don't use them as display
> tanks.

Me too.

> -> Hi all, I bought a used tank with some slight scratches in the glass....
> -> Anyone know how to remove them/cover them  so they are not as
> -> noticeable? Thanks for any help !!!      Charles A.

Inside scratches may virtually disappear under water, if they are not so
deep they hold dirt or algae.

Outside scratches might fill with some of the stuff used to patch windshield
dings. Try an automotive supply place. Grinding and polishing simply isn't
worth the hours of labor involved to do it well, IMHO.


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