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Can't go to the meetings during warm weather 'cause driving my car kills 
insects.  Caught a few in my teeth riding my bike, too.  Figure insects are 
just as sentient as fish.  

Oh shoot!  Someone just told me some fish eat insects!  And other fish!  And 
eggs!  Guess we'll have to force all fish to be vegetarians.  

Oh shoot!  I just learned some plants scream when they are picked!  Guess we 
can't eat them either.  What is the nutritional value of gravel?  Careful, 
don't step on that microbe!  

Guess we could turn all that PETA energy and money towards, say, saving "at 
risk" people like inner city kids, abused women or frail adults.  But they 
aren't as "politically correct" or cute as Flipper, so that's out of the 

Reactively and Sarcastically Yours,

Chuck Church    -     sometimes member of :
PfETA (People For Eating Tasty Animals) 
BRATTOTFCAPOST (Balanced Responsible Adults at the Top of the Food Chain and 
Planning On Staying There)