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Re: NFC: Fishing is immoral ?

On Mon, 09 Aug 1999 16:46:39 -0400, Christian Hedemark wrote:

16:46:39 -0400, Christian Hedemark wrote:

> It also assumes attribution of animals with a sentient spirit and the
> inalienable rights that sentient creatures should provide one another.

Otherwise known as the "Bambi Syndrome," a malady that inflicts many of the
weaker-minded viewers of cartoon movies and the Animal Planet Network. If
those cute little animals in the Disney movies can talk, then they MUST do
so in real life. When humaniacs, such as PETA people, hear of hunting or
fishing, all they can think about is their own feelings and not the big

Take deer for instance. Humaniacs cry for an end to hunting of these
creatures. But leave a deer population to grow unchecked, and the resulting
effects on the surrounding area will be devastating. The environment will be
able to support a large deer population for only so long before its
resources are depleted. Once that happens, large numbers of deer AND other
wildlife will die off from starvation and disease. When an animal starves,
its body feeds for a while on the fat stored in the animals body.
Eventually, the fat layers that protect internal organs are used up, and the
poor creature's body will begin, in essence, to devour itself. This process
is painfully debilitating and agonizingly slow. Do the humaniacs consider
this? I don't think so.

The starving deer, in their efforts to find anything edible, may damage the
ecosystem beyond repair. A small group of deer were once relocated to a
forested island free of hunting and natural predators. The island was rated
to support a population of deer 5 times the number introduced to it, and
supported a rich variety of other wildlife. In under a decade, the deer
population had grown tenfold, the island was ruined and mostly barren, much
of the wildlife had disappeared, and what few deer remained were
disease-ridden and skeletal. Something tells me that's another thing that
humaniacs refuse to acknowledge.

In their search for food, starving deer will be forced to roam farther and
farther from their natural habitat, increasing their chances of coming into
contact with human society. There are already too many auto accidents per
year that are caused by deer, many of which result in human injury and
fatality. Are we expected to hold the lives of animals in higher regard than
humans? What's P."Ethical".T.A about that?

Do a little research in your local library. You'll find tons of information
supporting the above reasons why controled harvesting of natural resources
is "ethical." I have heard, on a few instances, about this or that humaniac
accomplishing some good deeds. Unfortunately, most of what I've heard from
them is emotional babble based on ignorance and the inability to see beyond
their own little worlds. Check out the statement below:
> "Hey, look over there, that is the most beautiful oak tree > I ever saw in
my life, lets go pound some nails in it! > Maybe, we can call it a sport and
raise some money!"

Where's the intelligence in that quote? There is none, and thus it rates no

Tony Gustafson

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