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Re: NFC: Re: Heterandria

that remains a good question....Kim the guy from Arizona is a gentisist
and he reports that studies have found that melanism is a usually
detrimental quality in fish  so he would be surprised if the melanistic
heterandria bred...He also keeps  heterandria....

BTW I sent  a mop with Fundulus eggs in it to scott page in washington
state and he had 6 fry hatch out in the last day or so...sent the entire
mop in a bag of water ....very durable large fry allready eating
well....They are the Melanistic Fundulus Chrysotus

On Fri, 06 Aug 1999 15:20:35 -0700 Wright Huntley <huntley1 at home_com>
>robert a rice wrote:
>> Was putting some mosquito larvae into one of my ditch tanks and 
>notice a
>> female heterandria wit h2 large red spots one on the top one on the
>> bottom...I also saw a black speckeled female...Does anyone know if 
>> trait breeds true  ? TIA
>When I had *H. formosa* before, the eyespot in the dorsal was 
>surrounded by
>a vivid red spot. I picked up a pair collected from N. of Lake 
>last fall, and immediately lost the male. The female gave me a few 
>and I just stuck them in with a tank of *Poecilia sp.* "Endler's" as 
>thought none were male. (Wrong -- have babies, now)
>These all seem to have no red at all, but my chance to see the males 
>pretty limited.
>My questions are: How much variation should we see in *H. formosa* 
>different collection locations? How variable do they tend to be in a 
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