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NFC: Fw: breeding longears

Someone want to help My good friend Keld here...he seems to be struggling
with these onry ole longears !!!Reply to Bothe Keld and the List TIA

Robert Rice
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From: "KELD THINGGAARD HANSEN" <keld.t.h.fisk at get2net_dk>
To: "robert rice" <robertrice at juno_com>
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 15:13:22 +0200
Subject: breeding longears
Message-ID: <199907241310.PAA01814 at bednorz_get2net.dk>

Hallo Robert,
This is the final attempt for breeding of sunfish. My greenhouse has been
ready for the last 4 months, and I have been saving rainwater to
your local water. I started out in april with the longears and they
eachother like in a war. Then appx. 6 weeks later I tried with my last 3
pumpkin seeds. 2 males and a beautifull large ripe f.
She killed the first male the second day and 2 days later the second
so I am stuck with a 6 inch ripe female. There is another local guy with
the same problem.
Last week I started very slowly to condition my last 6 longears for
breeding. I know they will spawn in our local water, but the eggs will
hatch. So I separeted the males and females. 3 pairs, where i made 2
for breeding. 1 tank with 1 f, and 1 tank with 2 f., and and left the
in their normal tank. Drained the water down to 5 cm, slowly over 5 days
added rainwater to the tanks, up to 20 cm, so they were all alike. During
that period did I lose 2 of the 3 males. You get the point, the last male
wants all the fun. However he puts me in a difficul position, will he
survive og will the f kill him, like it happened with the pumpkin seeds.
Yeasterday I tranferred him to the tank with 1 f, and both of them are
still alive, but no eggs. I forgot to mention, that all 6 fish has been
eating all the live food they wanted for about 2 monts, so they are in
prime condition.
So far things are fine, and I hope I can give you good news within 2
However why should we be lucky with the last try, and why not.
I forgot to tell you, my own breeding worked out fine. 2 all white and
beautifull girls. Shall I save one for Ian. Ask Tamy befor you answer. 
Let me tell you a real storry. My wifes family on her mothers side comes
from Ghana, where they were living close to the old danish fort. I have
allways been teasing her that she must have some danis blood, since she
could learn danish very fast, and she behaved very different to normal
africans. European all the way.What happens, we have 2 white girls.
When are you coming to Denmark for holiday? Our house is now big enough,
we can have all of you without too many problems. Try to make it early
or late july next year. Early june will be the best, so you can clean the
Since the sunfish has been a failure, have I started with florida plants.
had a few saggitaris. The long type, and they are doing wery well in my
greenhouse, we will have to see how they will survive the winther. I
to tell you that I use 160 liter tanks. 40 cm by 40 cm and 100 cm long,
with a bottom layer of sand  mixed with 3-10 mm gravel.
Robert, do you have any corrections before my last male is finished?
Keep smiling, and greetings to the whole family, Keld.