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Re: NFC: Fw: Yes, please help me.

"Joshua L. Wiegert" wrote:
> The great lakes are far from oligotrophic. . . . They're mesotrophic, coming back from eutrophication, especially the more populated, smaller two: Lakes Erie and Ontario.

Everything that I've read (including a web search that I just did)
describes the Great Lakes as generally oligotrophic, with the exception
of the warmer, shallower areas--such as Lake Erie and many bays in the
other lakes.  Much of the deviation from oligotrophic conditions can
historically be attributed to phosphate pollution from human sources. 
This has been steadily improving from the "pea soup" days of the 1960s.

I found one web site that mentions the particular problem of anoxia in
the hypolimnion of Lake Erie:


Apparently, anoxia has not been a problem in the other Great Lakes. 

Andrew Dalton


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