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On Sun, 25 Jul 1999 17:57:46 -0500, Dakota wrote:

> The problem with it is that there are way too many flashy banners and
other distractions.... Also, have you ever notice any  "new" unsolicitated
mail  after coming out of the chat room ?  I have and several other people I
know have too...  

I guess I've never payed much attention to the banners, and I'm not too sure
what other types of distractions there could be. Have never once received
unsolicited mail after chatting.

That's not even counting the times that every one gets booted off and has to
redo to get back on !!!!       I dont mind if there is no other way to chat
but there is now !!!!
> Just my $0.02  !!!
> Charles Anderton

Ahhh, now that has happened to me a few times. Just never enough to be more
than a slight bother. 

Well, if everybody's hopping on the ICQ bandwagon, I guess I'll look into it
as well. A friend sent me a link to a new company that has a similar service
to ICQ, but supposedly even better. It's getting difficult to keep abreast
of these newfangled computer thangs ;-)


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