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Anthony Andrew wrote:

> Well, if everybody's hopping on the ICQ bandwagon, I guess I'll look into it
> as well. A friend sent me a link to a new company that has a similar service
> to ICQ, but supposedly even better. It's getting difficult to keep abreast
> of these newfangled computer thangs ;-)

Be forewarned: with instant messaging you are pretty much stuck talking
to whomever is registered on the network you sign up with.  I only
recommend ICQ because it seems to be the platform everyone else in the
NFC is using.  You can't talk to someone that has AOL Instant Messenger
if you are using ICQ (which is kind of lame since AOL owns both).  There
have been attempts to standardize some of this but you are still about
two or three years from seeing a fairly well accepted "standard" that
will allow you to use the provider of your own choosing.

In any case, once you get on ICQ, add me to your address book (I am
28986378) and I will forward to you the ICQ #'s of all the other NFC


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