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NFC: Fw: Youth-Corporate Connections Update #13 (July 1999)

To: State 4-H Leaders, County Extension Offices, Foundation Directors,
National Program
Leaders, 4-H volunteers, Associates of National 4-H Council, and
other professionals in the
youth development and education fields

Youth-Corporate Connections Update            Number 13          July

This Update includes information on programs and grant opportunities
offered by the
Youth-Corporate Connections team of National 4-H Council.  It also
includes information from
other organizations and agencies that focus on youth and the five
issue areas of the
Youth-Corporate Connections team: workforce preparation,
environmental stewardship, health
and wellness, discrimination, and family life/work life


1) New Curriculum on Transportation & Environment Available Free of
2) Summer Sale on Environmental Stewardship and Workforce Preparation
3) 4-H Recycling Projects Profiled in EPA Booklet
4) Looking for Programs That Involve Youth with Disabilities
5) Workforce Curriculum Database Ready


National 4-H Council is offering copies of its new curriculum Going
Places, Making Choices:
Transportation and the Environment free of charge to educators and
volunteers who plan to use
the curriculum with youth.    

Going Places, Making Choices is experiential and focuses on raising
the awareness of high
school age youth about transportation and personal mobility choices
now and in the future.
It has five units with activities and information on the following
topics: the history of
transportation and local transportation issues; natural resources and
energy use; air pollution and
climate change; land use; and personal choices and community action. 
A flexible format allows
you to use the entire program or just one unit.  

We also invite you to check out the Going Places, Making Choices Web
site at
http://www.fourhcouncil.edu/ycc/gpmc/index.html  The site is designed
for a teenage audience
and offers interactive participation and global scenarios based on
the topics in the curriculum. 

If you, or someone you know, would like to receive a copy of Going
Places, Making Choices,
please send an E-mail to <carrier at fourhcouncil_edu> with the
following information: Your name; name of organization; full address;
phone; fax; E-mail.  You may request multiple copies of the curriculum
if more than one educator/volunteer is interested in using it (please
specify number of copies).  You may also send this information by fax
to David Carrier at 301-961-2894 or by mail to: David Carrier,
National 4-H Council, 7100 Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815.

Within the next nine months, an independent evaluation firm may
contact you about our
curriculum.  We are especially interested in learning what effect the
curriculum has on youth's
attitudes and behaviors. 


The Youth-Corporate Connections team of National 4-H Council is
offering the following
publications at a 20% discount off the current prices from now until
August 31, 1999.  Please call
National 4-H Council/Supply Service at 301/961-2934 before August 31
to place your order and
receive the sale price.

Item WFP 029 Leading the Way, Current Price $3.50 Each, Sale Price
$2.80 Each   

Item WFP 031 Rising to the Occasion, Current Price $2.95 Each, Sale
Price $2.36 Each  

Item WFP 030 Getting Into a Food Mood: Communicating Food Issues,
Current Price $4.00
Each, Sale Price $3.20 Each   

Item ES 0046 Cycling Back to Nature--Field of Genes: Making Sense of
Biotechnology in
Agriculture, Current Price $5.00 Each, Sale Price 4.00 Each     

Item ES 1007 Mud, Muck and Other Wonderful Things, Current Price
$5.00 Each, Sale Price
$4.00 Each     

Item ES 1009 Energizing Your Future with Energy: Economics and
Environment, Current Price
$5.00 Each, Sale Price $4.00 Each   

Item ES 0011 The Building Common Ground Kit, Current Price $99.95 Per
Kit, Sale Price
$79.96 Per Kit  

Item ES 1008  Cycling Back to Nature--Soils Alive from Tiny Rocks to
Compost, Current Price
$5.00, Sale Price $4.00 Each  

Item ES 1003  Cycling Back to Nature with Biodegradable Polymers,
Current Price $5.00 Each,
Sale Price $4.00 Each    

Item ES 1004  Cycling Back to Nature with Food Production &
Pesticides, Current Price $5.00
Each, Sale Price $4.00 Each   


Several 4-H recycling projects are profiled in a new booklet
published by the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency's Office of Solid Waste.  The booklet, entitled
Service-Learning: Education
Beyond the Classroom, contains summaries of service-learning projects
that focus on various
aspects of safe solid waste management, such as reducing household
hazardous waste and buying
recycled-content products.

The 4-H/Extension projects profiled are:

Just R-3 It! 4-H Project, Seminole and Volusia County, Florida: A
Battery Brigade of 13- to
18-year old students is educating the community about the importance
of using rechargeable
batteries and recycling batteries, as part of an ongoing Just-R-3 It!
4-H project in two Florida

4-H Club Recycling Efforts, Sevierville, Tennessee: Since 1991, the
3,200-member 4-H program
in Sevierville, Tennessee, has worked with local officials to reduce
solid waste by promoting
recycling, often with positive results.

4-H CAPITAL Program, Austin, Texas: Seventh- and eighth-grade
students in a 4-H afterschool
program in Austin, Texas, are teaching their peers and other in the
community about the three
R's--reduce, reuse, and recycle--through workshops, a display, a
video, and a Web site.

Thayer County Cooperative Extension, Hebron, Nebraska: As part of a
school enrichment
program promoting volunteerism, first- through sixth-grade students
in Nebraska learned how to
make flowerpots from recycled-content paper, which they gave to
adopted grandparents at area
elder care communities.

Are you participating in a solid waste educational experience through
a service-learning project
in your school or community?  Or would you like to know more about
service-learning and solid
waste?  Contact the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of
Solid Waste (MC:
5305W), Washington, DC 20460 or check out www.epa.gov/osw.


The National Organization on Disability, whose mission is to increase
participation of people
with disabilities in all aspects of life, is in search of programs
that effectively mainstream
children with disabilities, involve children with a variety of
disabilities, have proven track
records and impact a significant amount of people.  The initiative is
called the Star Program
Ideas Campaign.  You can help by sending a one-page description of an
youth-oriented project in your community and contact information to
Bliss Kaye by e-mail at
<cpp at nod_org> or by mail to: National Organization on Disability,
Bliss Kaye, NOPP Program
Officer, 910 16th Street, N.W., Suite 600, Washington, DC 20006.  


The North Central Regional Rural Development Center has completed a
national assessment on
behalf of the Cooperative Extension Service's Workforce Preparation
Initiative.  Education programs, curricula, research interests, and
expertise have been identified in the land-grant university and
college system.  Over 100 curricula are categorized by program area,
region, and state.  You may also add new curricula.   

Check out the workforce curriculum database on the Web at: 


Editor's Note: The next Youth-Corporate Connections Update will be
distributed in
mid-August.  If you have information on publications or programs that
you would
like to submit for this newsletter, please send it by e-mail to David
Carrier at
<carrier at fourhcouncil_edu>.  David can also be reached by fax at

You can see previous issues of the Youth-Corporate Connections Update

Check out the Youth Grants webpage at
These grants provide opportunities for young people and adults to
take action on issues
critical to their lives, their families, and their communities. 
Youth take the lead in the design
of the project, the proposal writing process, and the implementation
and evaluation of funded
projects.  We will announce on this webpage when applications for
grants are available.


National 4-H Council is a nonprofit organization that partners with
4-H, the Cooperative
Extension System and other organizations to pursue its vision,
implement its strategies, and
accomplish its mission to be an uncommon youth development
organization fostering
innovation and shared learning for youth workers and young leaders. 
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