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Re: NFC: Simply Natives Website

Tough crowd.....Heck I'll play around with it somemore ....:)

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999 09:17:26 -0400 Chris Hedemark
<hedemark at raleigh_ibm.com> writes:
>robert a rice wrote:
>> If anyone with some HTML experience wants to take a crack at 
>sprucing up
>> a small website contact me privatly....I started a website to 
>> the erp cichlids and some common native look it over
>> http://homepages.msn.com/PetsPl/cichlidseller/simplynatives.html
>I like.  But a couple of nits that will help it tremendously:
>1) Lose the background.  It is inconsistent with the content of the
>site.  If you use a background, turn the brightness up on it so it
>doesn't stand out so strongly.  Makes the text harder to read when it 
>as dark as it is.
>2) An editor is needed. :)  Unfortunately when a web site makes use 
>less than perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation it reduces the
>credibility of the author in the eyes of the reader.  Starting a
>sentence off with a question mark is one example I see on the page.  
>ending a statement with a period followed by a question mark.  Little
>nits like that detract from an otherwise very good page.
>3) What exactly is Simply Natives?  Is it a corporation?  A 
>organization?  Affiliated with NFC or other group?  This should be
>stated clearly somewhere on the page.  Possibly embedded within a
>mission statement.
>Not hammering it, Robert.  Just trying to pass on some constructive
>criticism so it can look as professional as it deserves.
>"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in 
>and looks like work." --Edison 
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Robert Rice
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