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NFC: Gifts for Dakota

There is one thing I can say about Hair algae

If you can't grow any thing green in your tanks
Try this stuff :-)
I will guarantee that you can't kill it or get rid of it
I've been trying for about 1  years
The only success I've had is that
So far I have kept it from getting into any of my other tanks
But just can't get it killed off in this one

I have tried every thing that I can think of
Bleach sterilization, American Flagfish, barbs, hand harvesting, you
name it

American Flagfish seem to hold it down to some extent but don't get rid
of it
When I pull them out and put fry in, the hair algae comes back with a

A great brown thumb beginners plant???  :-)


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	:-o) Now  folks...dont be sending me unauthorized packages in
the mail....hehehehehe
	It scares the mailman...LOL
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	> : :-) Maybe I can help him out
	>Just finished spending an hour harvesting about a pint (no
water) of
	>good healthy green fibrous hair algae from one of my fry tanks
	>May be I can interest him in some 
	>Free of course for only the postage to send it to him
	>Or if any one else has a need and will pay postage :-) 
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	> Ahha! Charles wants to corner the market on all the bids.
	> Evil! :)
	> end
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