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NFC: Range info on Natives

I am not sure when the text for the Audubon and Petersons guides was written 
and from what sources they draw thier info, but, I have found at least 2 
species in South Florida outside thier stated range. Elassoma evergladei and 
Fundulus confluentus, the Elassoma are supposed to only be as far south as 
the Lake, however I have sampled them as far south as freshwater here goes 
from the Glades. F. confluentus isn't even mentioned in the Petersons' 
Freshwater Guide but is in the Coastal Fishes Guide as a brackish/salt fish 
yet, in reality, I have sampled it throughout the Everglades in completely 
freshwater. So, although the guides we use are a wonderful base line to pull 
info from, they are not completely acurate, at least with respect to the 
range of these fish. Just an observation.  : )
BTW, the waters I've mentioned here are natural, as far as they can be after 
the Army Corp's interferance, and not the canals where most my fishing is