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NFC: Fw: regs......

For everyones info Washington states info rather friendly actually....

Robert Rice
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Deleterious exotic wildlife are animals that pose a serious potential
to native wildlife or habitat. With few exceptions (such as for research
display), it is unlawful to import into the state, hold, possess,
offer for sale, sell, transfer, or release live specimens of deleterious
exotic wildlife, their gametes or embryos. (See Washington Administrative
Code [WAC] 232-12-017 and 232-12-01701.) To report violations or for more
information, please contact your local Washington Department of Fish and
Wildlife (WDFW) Enforcement program, or call the Enforcement office at
headquarters (360-902-2936). Please note that importation of all wild
animals (including captive wild animal species) must be in compliance
Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) regulations as well as
WDFW regulations (WAC 232-12-064). For questions regarding WSDA
call the State Veterinarian's office at 360-902-1878
Family Clariidae: walking catfish Clarias batrachus, and all members of
Clariidae family

Family Cyprinidae : diploid grass carp Ctenopharyngodon idella
rudd Scardinius erythropthalmus
ide (silver orfe or golden orfe) Leuciscus isus

Family Amiidae
bowfin (mudfish, grinnel, cottonfish, dogfish) Amia calva

Family Characidae : piranha (also pirameba, caribe, pira, piraya,
rodoleira, palometa), and all species of the genera Serrasalmus,
Rooseveltiella and Pygocentrus

Family Lepisosteidae : All gars (alligator, longnose, etc.) Lepisosteus

Family Channidae : snakeheads (China fish) and all forms of the genus
(or Ophicephalus