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NFC: Ohio SCP application, Other SCP's

Mark,  Klaus, Chuck:

Guys, I need confirmation by email that you agree to strictly comply 
with all conditions of the Ohio SCP.  I plan to include your replies in 
the application, which I hope to mail out on Monday.  SCP provisions 
include the use of 50 ft or less seines and long handled dip nets to 
capture up to 50 individuals of each listed species, (which most of the 
fish found in OH which are not threatened or endangered, other than 
common shiners, bass, trout and other larger game fish) of which 50% (25 
fish) have to go to the NFC Breeder's Program for research purposes.  
Shouldn't be too difficult to document fish captured. Of course, having 
this permit means that all the fish you collect will be 100% legal and 
you won't have to buy a fishing license just to collect aquarium fish.

Please get back to me ASAP (private email - don't copy the entire list) 
and include your telephone number in case the OH DNR wants to contact 
you.  (I have the mailing addresses for Mark and Klaus, need mailing 
address/telephone number information from Chuck). Thanks !!

BTW: if anyone else wants to be listed on the OH SCP application, send 
me an email confirmation as described above, which should include your 
address and telephone number also.  Last Call !!!!!  The other 
applications will be developed and mailed next week, for those persons 
who are expecting me to submit SCP's for them to collect in areas 
outside the Northeastern states. So far, I have requests for additional 
SCP's from the individuals  listed below.  Be advised that I am 
developing these as quickly as I can but there is A LOT of work 
involved.  Persons/states as follows :

Luke McClurg: KS, MO, MS, NB

Michael Hissom: NC

Thom DeWitt: TX

Kelly Taylor: GA, TN, SC, NC

Tabb Crabb: TN  

Chuck Church: IN, KY, IL, TN, AZ

Sajjad Lateef: IL, WI, IN, MO, KS

Additions, deletions or modifications welcomed. Particularly welcomed 
would be a species list from each of you for each state you plan to 
collect in.  This which would help speed up the process considerably as 
I won't have to research and list all non-game species that occur in a 
particular state, saving a lot of time and effort.  Please send 
responses by private email to avoid list clutter.  TIA.
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