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NFC: Want colorful native fishes that can withstand 80Fs

I would like to keep US native fishes but my home is in Thailand, so I
am wondering if any US fishes can withstand the heat.  I will either
have to use air freight or carry them myself [currently I am in the US
so I can also attempt to carry the fishes with me back home in late
May].  If anyone can sell/catch them?  Where can I obtain these
natives?  My wanted list are the following.
**Are any of the following species can:
a] do well in 80+ farenheit
b] maintain breeding colors in such temperature
c] maintain breeding colors for a while [what is necessery? light, etc?]

d] easy to breed [do they require chilling, light, clean water, or
e] obtainable?
red shiner [Cyprinella lutrensis]
fieryblack shiner [C. pyrrhomelas]
steelcolor shiner [C. whipplei]
rosyside dace [Clinostomus funduloides]
southern redbelly dace [Phoxinus erythrogaster]
mountain redbelly dace [P. oreas]
rosyred fathead minnow [Pimaphales promelas]
striped shiner [Luxilus chrysocephalus]
crescent shiner [L. cerasinus]
cardinal shiner [L. cardinalis] and related species group
rosefin shiner [Lythrurus ardens]
yellowfin shiner [Notropis lutipinnis]
rainbow shiner [N. chrosomus]
Tennessee and rosyface shiners
flagfin shiner [Pteronotropis signipinnis]
sailfin shiner [P. hypselopterus]
bluehead shiner [P. hubbsi]
any stoneroller, Nocomis or semotilus chubs [is this necessary for
making nests for
stimulating other species to spawn?]
brindled madtom [Noturus miurus] or more beautiful species
pink lemonade banded topminnow [Fundulus auroguttatus [or cingulatus]?]
bluefin killifish [Lucania goodei]
any pygmy sunfishes except banded topminnow [Elassoma species]
orangespotted sunfish [Lepomis humilis]
longear sunfish [L. megalotis]-more colorful races
redspotted sunfish [L. miniatus]-from fishes of Albama and the Motile
creole darter [Etheostoma collettei]
brighteye darter [E. lynceum]
speckled darter [E. stigmaeum]
Albama darter [E. ramseyi] or any similar or better colored species
redfin darter [E. whipplei]
holiday darter [E. brevirostrum]
orangebelly darter [E. spectabile species complex except E.s.spectabile
rainbow darter [E. caeruleum]
stippled darter [E. punctulatum]
Arkansas darter [E. cragini]
paleback darter [E. pallididorsum]
tangerine darter [Percina aurantiaca]
any colorful darters and shiners within these requirements?
[also any legally obtainable squawfishes]
[I have read in Smith and Fausch, 1997 that Arkansas darter can survive
in 30 C
and some articles [probably from NANFA] seems to state that orangethroat

darter can live in 80 F]
Also, I have read in several books that there are some redband/rainbow
and cutthroat trouts in Oregon/Nevada desert that can do ok [some can
still take the fly] in high 80Fs.  Are they real?  Can any of them be
legally kept?  Are any of them being bred in hatcheries or any special
places?  If that is possible at all I would like to get small ones [and
may attempt to keep them in northern Thailand where the winter
temperature can be lower than 50Fs].  Are there any other salmonids that

can withstand such heat?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Anuratana Tejavej [Tony]
at at cisunix_unh.edu