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NFC: DP raising live food daphnia outdoors

It is finally warming up here in the frozen Midwest.  Last fall I purchased
some Daphnia Magna from <A HREF="http://www.angelfire.com/biz/LFSCultures/">L.
F. S. Cultures</A> and raised them inside. They have survived and I would like
to raise some out doors.   

Being on city water, I am concerned about it supporting a thriving culture
since everything I have read says to use spring water.  I do have a pond that
is 100% rain water.  I threw some live daphnia Magna in it a couple weeks ago
along with some pieces of limestone rock and some whole oyster shells.  Some
or all of the daphnia are still alive.  There was already algae in the pond.

I am interested in systems to raise daphnia outdoors.


Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA