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NFC: Basic new aquarium set up, basic aquarium maintenance schedule


I am working on setting up two, possibly three aquariums at different library
branches here in Indianapolis.  A LFS (local fish store) is loaning/donating
two or three used 20 gallon longs.  This may lead to them being set up in
other branches.  They will be stocked with native fish and NFC will get credit
and signage.  Initial focus will be around their Children's Summer Reading
program.  The first two sites will be inner-city locations.


While I will be involved with the initial set up of aquariums, I want to be
able to provide simple, effective, written instructions to librarians on how
to do this on their own.  These instruction will also be passed along to
novice aquarium owners who choose to get in to the hobby.  A list of web
resources for basics would also be nice, as all library branches have web


Initially, I will be involved with maintenance of the aquariums.  For long
term, I need to supply simple, basic, effective aquarium maintenance
instructions and a schedule form for librarians to use.  These will also be
passed along to novice aquarium owners.  Again, web resources would be nice.


Anyone who has access to something like this that has already been written,
tips of things to include, or help writing the whole thing. Keep in mind
everything has to be kept simple but effective.  Web resources I can pass on
also needed.  I will leave it up to the librarians to provide a reading list
of their resources.

All help appreciated!  

Chuck Church
CEFChurch at aol_com
PO Box 2067
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-2067

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