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Re: NFC: Basic new aquarium set up, basic aquarium maintenance schedule


We will be setting up a protocal for the adopt a tank programs in the
next couple of weeks. It will tell basic tank setups maintanace ,
collecting tips etc....It will be a downloadble text file from the
website...You guys are keeping me hopping with all your good ideas :)

On Sat, 27 Mar 1999 00:26:04 EST CEFCHURCH at aol_com writes:
>I am working on setting up two, possibly three aquariums at different 
>branches here in Indianapolis.  A LFS (local fish store) is 
>two or three used 20 gallon longs.  This may lead to them being set up 
>other branches.  They will be stocked with native fish and NFC will 
>get credit
>and signage.  Initial focus will be around their Children's Summer 
>program.  The first two sites will be inner-city locations.
>While I will be involved with the initial set up of aquariums, I want 
>to be
>able to provide simple, effective, written instructions to librarians 
>on how
>to do this on their own.  These instruction will also be passed along 
>novice aquarium owners who choose to get in to the hobby.  A list of 
>resources for basics would also be nice, as all library branches have 
>Initially, I will be involved with maintenance of the aquariums.  For 
>term, I need to supply simple, basic, effective aquarium maintenance
>instructions and a schedule form for librarians to use.  These will 
>also be
>passed along to novice aquarium owners.  Again, web resources would be 
>Anyone who has access to something like this that has already been 
>tips of things to include, or help writing the whole thing. Keep in 
>everything has to be kept simple but effective.  Web resources I can 
>pass on
>also needed.  I will leave it up to the librarians to provide a 
>reading list
>of their resources.
>All help appreciated!  
>Chuck Church
>CEFChurch at aol_com
>PO Box 2067
>Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-2067
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Robert Rice
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