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Re: NFC: Novumbra hubbsi

At 09:57 PM 2/17/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I agree with your comments on the suitability of the central mudminnow for the
>home aquarium. I find them to possess a great deal of character. They behave
>like miniature pickerel, staring at their prey while using pectoral fins to
>"hover" until they strike out in a flash. Sometimes they maintain the most
>bizarre angles as they examine a potential target. I have found them to be a
>bit finicky on anything but live food--some individuals do not care for frozen
>brine shrimp. Does anyone have any suggestions on alternative frozen food
>sources? I have quite a time finding live gammarus this time of year.
>Kevin DeVries

I have trained mine to take frozen anything, freeze dried plankton, brine
shrimp and blood waorms and even flake and stick food.  If you feed them one
thing all the time, that's all they will accept.

Mark Binkley
mbinkley at earthling_net		<))><
Columbus Ohio USA