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Re: NFC: Novumbra hubbsi

Suggest contacting one of the many vendors that sell live food cultures.  
They advertise in the classified ad section of most of the aquarium 
magazines.  One of the firms that has a wide selection of cultures is 
LFS Cultures (http://www.lfscultures.com/).  Suggested organisms that 
are easy to culture include fruit flies, daphnia magna (heat resistant, 
unlike Daphnia pulex), grindal worms, etc.

If you would like live food but don't want to maintain cultures, Konrad 
Schmidt has glassworms available.  Glassworms are clear midge larvae 
found under the ice - fish love them.  Bloodworms are also midge larvae 
and fish eat them with gusto, whether live or frozen.  Konrad can be 
contacted by email: flier at uswest_net

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>I agree with your comments on the suitability of the central mudminnow 
for the
>home aquarium. I find them to possess a great deal of character. They 
>like miniature pickerel, staring at their prey while using pectoral 
fins to
>"hover" until they strike out in a flash. Sometimes they maintain the 
>bizarre angles as they examine a potential target. I have found them to 
be a
>bit finicky on anything but live food--some individuals do not care for 
>brine shrimp. Does anyone have any suggestions on alternative frozen 
>sources? I have quite a time finding live gammarus this time of year.
>Kevin DeVries

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