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NFC: DP Rain & Dry Season in the tank - forward from the catfish list

Subj:	 [catfish] Rain and dry season in the tank
Date:	2/6/99 7:12:11 PM US Central Standard Time
From:	ka at roka_se (ka at roka_se)
Sender:	owner-catfish at aquaria_net
Reply-to:	catfish at aquaria_net
To:	catfish at aquaria_net

Hi all

I've written an article about how to simulate rain and dry seasons 
in the tank. It's been publish in Swedish in the magazine for the 
Nordic catfish association Guardians of Catfish. I've just made an 
attempt to translate it into English which wasn't easy.

Those of you who have comments about the english PLEASE 
e-mail me off list, comments about my ideas and the contents 
should of course be sent to the list.

I think you will recognise some of the ideas from Shane Linder's 
rainmaker from May 96 on this list.

Since it takes some time to go through the scheme (about 1 month) I 
have never really followed it with any difficult species since I 
travel a lot and am away for a couple of days every now and then. 
I've used it on some fairly easily bred Corydoras (davidsandsi, 
concolor, undulatus) and they all spawned almost exactly when they 
should after having completed the scheme.

So let me know what you think and what improvements I could do to the 
list of triggers.

You find it at


Kristian Adolfsson

Malmö Akvarieförening, http://www.roka.se/maf
Nordiska Ciklidsällskapet
Guardians of Catfish

Nobelvägen 147 M:22
SE-212 15 Malmö
+46-(0)40-188556, fax 182133
ka at roka_se