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NFC: Proposed NFC Auction list

Dear all,

Doing my "Bit":

The following I would like to be made available to an auction that will
benefit the NFC.  If there is any interest in these, I will go ahead and
research what the "value" of each item is and try to "price them reasonably"

Whatdya think?:

1) TFH "Exotic Trop. Fishes"  supplements nos. 1-24 plus index in original
plastic wrap and TFH slipcase. Excellent + condition.

2)TFH "Encyclopedia of Tropical Fishes", Axelrod and Vorderwinkler 1979
Hardbound,excellent cond.

3)FAMA "A Net Full of Natives" Tom Baugh, PB, 1980 excellent cond.

4)TFH "Mbuna", Jackson and Ribbinick, PB, 1975, fair cond.

5)TFH "Tropical Frogs", Zimmerman, Hrd. Bound, 1979.  Excellent cond.

6) The Pet Library, "Enjoy keeping Native Fishes", Walker, PB, Excellent

7) DATZ, "Zuchterkniffe1" ( Care tips ?  ), German, Nachstedt and Tusche,
PB, Excellent cond.

8) DATZ, "Barblinge Und ihre Verwandten" (Barbs and their relatives),
Ladiges, German, PB, excellent cond.

9) Kernan, "Zwergbuntbarsche" (Dwarf Cichlids), Nieuwenhizen, Pamphlet,
German, Excellent + condition.

10) TFH, "Turtles", Church, 1963, PB, good condition.

11) Aquarium Systems, "Butterflyfishes of the World Vol. 2", Allen, Hrd
Bound, 1979, Excellent ++ Cond. w/ original paper sleeve.

12) Kernan, "Der Fische in der Landschaft"  (Fish in their Localities/
habitats?), German, Ladiges, 1984, PB, excellent + cond.

13) Time -Life, "Orchids" Skelsey, 1980, Hrd Bound. Good Cond. Sleeve is
slightly torn

14)  TFH, "Nothobranchius", Jubb, 1981, Hrd Bound, Good condition.

15) Kernan, "Fishes for the Invertebrate Aquarium", English, Debelius, 1986,
Hrd Bound, Excellent cond.+

16) Mondofair, "Gift Tiere" (Poisonous Animals) German, Kundert and Spira,
Hrd Bound, Excellent Cond.

17) TFH "Breeding Killifishes", Ostrow, 1981,  Hrd. Bound, Good + condition.

18) Longman, "Freshwater Fish of Britain and Europe" Longman Nature Guides,
1987, Small Book w/ plastic cover slip, Excellent + Condition.

19) DATZ, "Farbfrohe Kaltwaserfische", (Colorful Coldwater fish) German,
Lehman, 1984, PB, Excellent cond.

20) TFH, "Catfish", Emmens and Axelrod, 1968, PB, fair condition.

21) Innes Publishing Co. ""Exotic Aquarium Fishes", Innes, 1956, Hrd Bound,
Excellent ++ Condition.

22) MIT Press, "The Aquarium Encyclopedia" Sterba, 1986, Hrd. Bound.
Excellent + Condition (slight tearing on orig. paper sleeve )

23) Wiley, "Fish and Invertebrate Culture", Spotte, 1979, Hrd Bound,
Excellent -Condition (Paper sleeve torn)

24) Tetra, "Amerikanische Cichliden 1- Kleine Buntbarsche" (American
Cichlids 1- Small Cichlids), German, Linke and Staeck, 1984, Hrd Bound,
Excellent ++ cond.

25) Tetra, "Amerikanische Cichliden 2- Grosse Buntbarsche" (American
Cichlids 1- Large Cichlids), German, Linke and Staeck, 1984, Hrd Bound,
Excellent ++ cond.

26) Tetra, "Afrikanische Cichliden 1-  Buntbarsche aus West Afrika" (African
Cichlids 1-  Cichlids from West Africa), German, Linke and Staeck, 1981, Hrd
Bound, Excellent ++ cond.

27) Tetra, "Afrikanische Cichliden 2-  Buntbarsche aus West Afrika" (African
Cichlids 1-  Cichlids from East Africa), German, Linke and Staeck, 1981, Hrd
Bound, Excellent ++ cond.

28) Tetra, "Bespeilhafte Aquarien" (Aquarium Enjoyment?????), German,
Paysan, 1978, Hrd Bound, Excellent ++ cond.

29) Tetra, "Farbe im Aquarium  Labyrinthfische" (Color in the Aquarium-
Labyrinthe Fish), German, Linke , 1980, Hrd Bound, Excellent ++ cond.

30) HP Books, "Aquarium Encyclopedia of Tropical Freshwater Fish"
Ramshorst, 1981, Hrd Bound, Large Format in cardboard sleeve, Book in
excellent ++ condition, cardboard sleeve showing some scuffing.

Also, could someone let me know the "nuts and bolts" of processing these
books for shipment etc.  What about shipping? This box is heavy!