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Re: NFC: goldfish too high in fat?

"D. Martin Moore" wrote:

> The biggest deficiency in prepared foods is vitamin C.  John
> Gratzek used to recommed making "jello" with flake food and
> unflavored gelatin, with a vitamin C capsule added to the mix, and a
> sardine or two for palatability.  The gook can be frozen and slivers
> can be shaved off for feeding.  Kind of like a modern day Gordon's
> formula.

We make a gel food that consists of blended fish, vegetables (carrots, kale, romaine, broccoli),
dulse, spirulina, a variety of vitamins - C and B's.  This does get fed to mostly marine fish, but I
do use it for some of my less finicky natives, surprisingly blackbanded sunfish.

Some of my natives have developed a lot of fat around the internal organs from a high fat diet (frozen
foods) and low activity.

The gel type foods are supposed to help prevent or slow down the fat deposits.