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RE: NFC: Rosy reds

>Well I am about 2 hours straight north of you Mark

Oh yeah?  Where abouts?

>->Did you breed your own Oscar stock?
>No I purchased small 2.5 inch Oscars from the local pet store. Hopefully I
>will get a pair or two out of them.

I have been working with a group of oscars for years.  I've finally got to
the point, just this week actually, where I'm getting a decent amount of
viable fry.  I was trying to spawn albinos, which I've learned, have a lot
of fertility problems.  I crossed a wild type, Rio Demini, male with an
albino tiger female.  I now have adult offspring from that cross.  These
offspring are the ones that spawned this week.  I'm really anxious to see
if I get a straight Mendelian ratio of 1:3.  This would be really nice
because there are so many mixed up, ugly looking oscars out there.  If I
can get good separation of the albino gene(s), I'll really have something.
This spawn also seems to be having some fertilization problems, but it
looks like I have more developing than fungusing.  Hoping for a hatch

I know oscars are anathema on this list, but hey, Ron's working on an
oscars for food project!  Maybe he'll want some wild breeder stock from the
everglades!  :)
And I'm using cichlid fry to feed darters, so show us some mercy!

Mark Binkley
Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
mbinkley at earthling_net