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Re: NFC: DP Frozen pond question

At a recent meeting of the Tropical Fish Club of Burlinton (VT), a 
speaker had an excellent idea.  Simply place a good size air pump (such 
as the  Luft pump or another air pump for large tanks/deep water 
applications)  in a  water proof box, place  a "breather" tube in the 
top of the box (to get access to air above the snow - bend over the end 
of the tube in a upside down "U" to keep snow  out of the box) and hook 
up to an airline and weighted airstone and outside service power cord 
(connection inside the box to prevent shorting).  Plug in and you 
provide lots of oxygen with no shoveling or chopping ice.

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>Well, it got up to about 40 degrees today.  We've had a lot of snow and 
>this month and I am wondering if I should shovel back some of the snow 
off the
>top of my pond (18" +/-) and dig a hole through the ice.  Hopefully it 
>freeze so far down it killed my hardy plants.  The dozen feeder gold 
fish I
>guess I could live without.
>Any thoughts?
>Chuck Church
>Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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