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Re: NFC: First 1999 NFC Online Auction Items - 1st Update

Bids recorded as of noon on 01/18/99.  Please note that the lot content 
is somewhat different than Robert's original posting, so feel free to 
repost in accordance with the lots described below.

>From: "Dwight Moody" <dwightmoody at hotmail_com>
>To: nfc at actwin_com, nanfa at aquaria_net
>Subject: NFC: First 1999 NFC Online Auction Items
>Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 13:27:11 PST
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>Sender: owner-nfc at actwin_com
>Reply-To: nfc at actwin_com
>Robert Rice has designated me as the contact for the current NFC 
>auction, the first of the year.  Starts now, ends Sunday, January 24.  
>Winning bids will be announced on January 25, 1999.  For items where 
>there is more than one, the highest bidders will be the winning bids.  
>For the worms, which have 4 packages, the highest 4 bids will be the 
>Item List:
>#1: FOUR ITEMS:  (4)  2 lb pkgs live redworms delivered.
>Retail -$28 each

  Bids So Far (top four bidders - not the early bird - get the worms):             
Robert Rice: $20; Ray Suydam: $20; D. Moody, $20; Charles Anderton, $15; 
Ronald W. Brooks, $15

>#2: ONE ITEM: 1/2 day of Robert's time collecting - about 50 fish.
>Retail value: $150

  Bids So Far: D. Moody, $50

>#3: ONE ITEM: 1 Pro 2 powerhead for 25 gallon tanks
>Retail $12

  Bids so far: D. Moody, $5, D. Martin Moore, $10 (for powerhead plus 
item #4, below - needs to be clarified re: how much for each)

>#4:  ONE ITEM: one 7 oz OSI Aquarium Staple Flake Food
>Retail $10

  Bids so far: D. Moody bids $5; D. Martin Moore, included in bid for #3

>#5: ONE ITEM: eight  packages (6 Oz each)  Algae Galore Pellets By 
>Nippon.  Great food for bottom feeders, plecos, etc.  Retail value $5 
>each; $40 for the group

     Bids so far: D. Martin Moore: $10

>#6:  THREE ITEMS:  Plastic Wrapped 6pk Wardlys 1.80z freeze dried 
>Krill-retail $18 for the 6 pk

     Bids so far: D. Moody, $10; D. Martin Moore, $5

>#7: ONE ITEM: 1case of adjustable check valves (24 count) by Rennanace 
>retail $18

     Bids so far: D. Martin Moore, $7

>#8:  ONE ITEM: "CardScan Executive" , donated by Martin Moore.  
Strictly for scanning business cards.  It will sync with all PDA's using 
Windows CE as well. The Scanner's software uses OCR to sort the various 
fields into a database, so the user can quickly look up any contact, add 
them to a mailing list, etc.  Retail $200

     Bids so far: none

>1. Auction purchases are not considered tax-deductible if the recipient 
>gets a product equal or greater in value than street price of the 
>product. In cases where the purchase price exceeds the street value, 
>amount OVER the retail price can be considered a donation for tax 
>2. Donations are still needed for the Credit Card Project, which will 
>allow the NFC to do Net e-commerce by credit cards.  So far, $125 has 
>been pledged and we need $600 - every little bit helps.  Donations will 
>be placed in a special NFC Special Projects savings account until we 
>have enough money to purchase the needed services and equipment.  
>write "Credit Card Project" on the check in the memo area or on an 
>accompanying note.  If the donation is for another special project or 
>purpose, please indicate this. Additional donations can be made for 
>specific special projects, such as land purchase, environmental 
>education projects in schools, etc.   ALL donations to the NFC Special 
>Projects Fund are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.   Please send 
>all donations for special projects to:
>Native Fish Conservancy, Inc.
>Special Projects Fund
>PO Box 226
>East Montpelier VT  05651-0226
>The NFC is a nonprofit corporation under the laws of the State of 
>Vermont and is also a Federally recognized tax-exempt organization 
>Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
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Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com