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Re: NFC: Re: Nobody home?

Never knew you were a voyeur, Michael.  Looks like you put a video bug 
in my shower as I wear clothes when at the keyboard and in the fish 

Suggest culturing the dwarf earth worms using the Magic Worm Bedding and 
Magic Worm Food available at Wal-Mart. It is supposed to work quite well 
for regular earthworms, grindal worms, etc., so I would expect that the 
dwarf earthworms would like it also.  I currently have a culture of 
grindal worms in Buss Bedding  that are fed Gerber's Mixed Baby Cereal 
and liquid yeast culture and are doing fine.

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>Yeah Moody, I saw you there in your underwear or lack there of! (some 
>should always wear something opaque) So what's up in cyber space Moody? 
>you ever cultured dwarf earth worms. If any one has and has info or a 
>to share please let me know.
>Solus is not far away, his face is brighter than the day, so don't turn 

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