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Re: NFC: An introduced fish....

	A record size fish photo is at:

	Whatta monster! 219lbs. 


On Wed, 16 Dec 1998, Josh Wiegert wrote:

> Though, fortunately, not introduced into the US, the Nile Perch has become
> a universal problem across most of eastern africa.  Its size suddenly came
> into perspective today, when (For a Bio project on exotic species
> introduction) I borrowed a Lates niloculatus vertebra.  This guy wasn't
> even fully grown.  Theres four of them, still connected.  They measure
> approximately 14 cm in length by 4 cm in width by 3.5 cm high, not
> including the spines, 17 cm high including them.
> Scary, eh?
> Some statistics I got on the N.P....
> Maximum Recorded length of over 2 metres, not including the tail (SL)
> Maximum Recorded mass: Half a ton.
> And we worry about Oscards and Cichla? :)
> end
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