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Re: NFC: NFC "sanctions" and our detractors...

R.R. said...
>The Nature conservancy in their OCt issue is selling a particular type of
>rare pine tree through local nurserys ...made from cuttings as part of a
>replanting program. The proceeds of the sales allow them to plant a much
>larger amount back in the wild.

    The key phrase in the above paragraph is "...made from cuttings".  They
are selling propagated cuttings, not wild plants, there is a big difference.
It would be much like the NFC selling offspring from fish that were bred in
the Breeder's Program, not wild fish that were caught, just for someone to
make a profit off of them.
     I have no problem with the sale of exotics, as this is a positive move
to help our native fishes.  But, I feel that the removal of native fish from
their natural habitat for sale as an aquarium fish is contrary to what the
NFC is supposed to stand for.  Most of these fish will be sold to aquarists,
who have neither the desire nor experience to breed them.  Most are doomed
to certain and inevitable death, much like most of the tropicals that come
into this country.  Out of all the fish sold through pet shops and other
outlets in this country, it is highly unlikely that more than 10% are ever
bred and reproduced.
     If the NFC wants to go into the business of selling native fish, I feel
that it should be fish that are from the Breeder's Program.  Many tropicals
that we see in the pet shops today are being bred on farms and hatcheries
around the world and by dedicated home aquarists, thus removing the pressure
off of some of the wild fish.  I don't think that the NFC should need to
support the unnecessary pillaging and plundering of native species and their
habitats in order to save them.

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