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NFC: Bowfin spawning-some hints

This topic seems to be hot again, so I thought I'd list some parameters
to follow if any would like to attempt this.

1-obviously you need a pair, sexing is not difffucult, males have a spot
on the tail circled in yellow or orange, females spot is just black, or

2. - a wintering cycle, shortened day length, lower than normal temps,
sustained for atleast 3 months.

3.- breeders must be 3 years old atleast, and be fat and sassy

4.-the water they are in should be large, with shallow shorline, lots of
emergant plants, and logs and stuff.

With these four items in place, there should be no reason they don't
spawn.  Make sure the spawning area is free of nest robbers;sunfish,
catfish etc.be sure food sources for adults and fry-juviniles is
abundant.  Baby bowfin can starve within hours if not fed, the older they
get, the longer they can go with out being fed.  I would reccomend a pond
atleast a quarter acre in size, but something smaller could work.  I know
they will breed in ponds as small as 4 acres, but I'm sure 1/2 acre-no
competition pond would do.

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