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Large predatory fish (was Re: NFC: Shovelnose Sturgeon (fwd))

Why does everyone seem to think piranha are the badest fish in the world. I
have found them rather shy and skitish, many pirahna have been beat to death
by large cichlids. But that is off the point. Keeping big fish is not about
who is the "badest" no fish is particularly bad they just fullfill their own
unique niche. I see to many people walk into pet shops and ask for the most
vicious fish for "entertainment" because they enjoy watching there pets
shred or swallow other organisms. Personally I find this disturbing, not
that I dont find a certain enjoyment in seeing my pets well satiated and
content but I take no personal pleasure in feeding live foods. This novelty
seems to be how many pirahna, oscars, snakeheads, and other large and
predatory fish end up in homes and possibly later in local bodies of water
when the novelty wears off or there care becomes to tiresome or expensive. I
remember when I was a young child how freinds parents would "set free"
oscars that there kids had grown tired of in local bodies of water. Of
course being a northern location these fish do not stand much if any chance
of surviving but that is not the point. A pet should not be purchased as a
killing machine, or as goulish entertainment when it comes feeding time
especially not by youngsters who do not understand the reprecussions or
resposibilities of owning such a fish. Well I guess that is enough of my
rambling for now. Take care all. 

Eric R. Coffman

At 02:29 AM 12/9/98 EST, you wrote:
>Unfortunately there is a lot of that, remember one guy who was so enthralled
>with his piranha that he wanted me to put my shark (marine and very costly to
>maintain) in with his piranhas to show which was the badest, he got really
>agitated about it. It was like talking to an alien.
>                                                            Michael