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Re: Large predatory fish (was Re: NFC: Shovelnose Sturgeon (fwd))

why dont you try something like a chain or grass pickeral or even a red fin.
They stay "smaller" upto 14" for the females which i doubt any of them would
get in a tank. I have a 7" grass and a 10" Redfin in my 30 long and that are
doing fine. they eat shinners that i catch locally .
Funny story watch your fingers when cleaning the gravel. The last time I
cleaned my tank i let me middle finger dangle in the water. I dont know if I
insulted him with my obsene gesture, invaded his territory or if he thought it
was food. But he got me:). Not bad enough to really cause damage, but enough
to make me smartin up. The wife found it a little amusing. She always warned
me that the fish was looking very interested. " No honey Ive done this a
hundred times" :). 

I do have to agree that if you dont have the right size tank you shouldnt keep
a fish thats to big. Ive been on the case of a local teacher who is keeping 2
northerns in a 30 gallon. Their both 12". Atleast in my oppinion the tank is
to small. He says hell just throw them back when they get to big. Ive even
offered to get some just like mine. But what do I know

Good Luck
Up here in the great green mountian state where the snow has finally come