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NFC: OFF TOPIC: Iam a dog killer now....

While driving home from the grocery store his evening I hit and killed
what appears to be a rottwieler. I own a rott so am familier with the
breed, Anyhow it will cost me 250 bucks plus ( I have a 250 deductabile) 
to get a new front end on my new truck and it cost this dog its life.  To
allow a dog o run free on a major hiway is beyond me. Bottom line is I
lost 250$ and a dog lost its life. For no good reason. So control your
beasties and avoid this tragedy. Otherwise fear me and my death dog
truck..........BTW I felt worse about killing the dog than he owner did.
I was near tears and he was near drunk. Anyhow  I now have something bad
to write about. 

Robert Rice
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