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NFC: DP forward from the Crypts list regarding collecting wild plants

Subj:	 Collecting wild species
Date:	11/11/98 6:15:54 AM US Central Standard Time
From:	br at ldl_net (Ed Street)
Sender:	owner-crypts at aquaria_net
Reply-to:	crypts at aquaria_net
To:	crypts at aquaria_net


I just thought i'd bring up a good point about collecting wild species.  
First off in the us n. and s. carolina's if you are caught getting seeds, 
diging up or harvesting venus flytraps in the wild you could face up to a 
$50,000 fine.  Some species are rapidly becoming endangerd in the wild 
due to overcrowding of humans, polutions, and general distruction of 
there natural habatit.

I dont know the status of some crypts in the wild but if it's like alot 
of other plants then harvesting them from the wild is a no-no.