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NFC: Fwd: What ya think of my idea?

Dream big, it doesn't cost any more. 

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I figure that a long tank with 1/2 octagon ends, water trees, shrubs, cattails
and other emergent vegetation growing down the middle. View from both sides.
lit by a 1000 watt metal halide pendant light on a moving light track moving
back and forth along the length. No filtration, power heads to make circular
flow. Small fish, crustaceans, sponges (maybe freshwater jellies), worms
(feather duster, tubifex, segmented) and all the other macro and microscopic
flora and fauna found in a pond with a constant trickle of DI water flowing
through the tank. Sand bottom, lots of underwater plants. The perfect aquarium
or what? 

                                                  Michael Hissom

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