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NFC: DIY (Cheap) hood/light

I have almost completed a new hood for my 20 long in my
office and I am finishing up one for the 55 at the Church. I
used 1" pine boards to make the top and sides. I took an old
desk lamp apart and used the fluorescent light end caps and
mounted them to a strip of wood inside the hood. Total cost
was around 5 dollars for wood (with enough left over to
build another!) Ballast was $15 and two 24 inch bulbs were
$5. Still have to buy some hinges for the top and stain for
the finish.

For less than $35 I will have a tight fitting hood with 40
watts of light. (lots of light for growing plants) I have
spent maybe 4-5 hours labor so far on it. I still have to
finish the outside and put another coat of white paint on
the inside so 8-10 hours total time? I think it would be
hard to beat for the money!

I have been taking pictures as I go and once finished I want
to create a page showing how I made these. The only thing I
don't like is the 1" thickness is a bit large on a small
tank like this. 1/2 plywood would make a better looking
choice I think.

Jeff <*\\><
Old Bedouin saying: "Trust God, but tie up your camel, lest
you lose it."